Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You're Named After A Cantaloupe

Exams are happening this week so I might not have time to blog. So for the meantime, I'm gonna divert your attention to some cuteness in the primate world.

Isn't he cute? A three-month-old baby gorilla at the San Francisco Zoo is still name-less but not for long. Tomorrow, his father Oscar Jonesy will be given 5 differently colored cantaloupes, each representing 5 different names that were chosen from suggestions around the world. Whichever cantaloupe Oscar picks, that will be the name of the baby. So if you see the baby next time at the zoo, tell him he got his name from a cantaloupe!

*UPDATED 3/11/09 : The baby's name is Hasani, meaning "handsome" in Swahili*

Photo and news from City Insider.

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