Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm a Vagell Now

I interrupt this long silence on my blog for some very important announcements.

First of all, sincere apologies to all my readers for the sporadic and lack of blog posts this year. I was playing catch up with life (I won!) so that rendered me with little to no time for blogging. Follow me on Twitter @PrancingPapio if you would like to follow me in real time, and also please Like my page, The Prancing Papio on Facebook.

I was recently naturalized as a United States citizen. This should open up better opportunities for grants should I want to apply for them in the future. Also, this means that travelling outside of the US will no longer be a pain in the bum. So if any one of you primatologist wants me to be your assistant, this is a good time to let me know ;)

With my naturalization and an impending wedding this October, I have decided to change my last name to Vagell. Not only am I taking my partner's last name, but I'm also tired of people mispronouncing my name for the past 30 years! I might or might not have revealed my age ... oh well. As we all adapt to me being referred to as Raymond Vagell or Mr. Vagell, let's just remember that I am no longer Raymond Ho or that horrid Chinese name that I was given but I shall not mutter.

So that's about it. I promise I'll start blogging more soon but now, I am knee deep in planning for my wedding and my honeymoon.