Friday, April 2, 2010

Life as an interspecies surrogate mother

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's April Fools post. No, I am not going on a Bigfoot expedition although I truly am interested in the Bigfoot "phenomenon", in a scientific standpoint.

Life has suddenly taken on an interesting turn for me this week. My friend found a 2 day-old kitten near his house and who's an orphan. Next thing I know, I've became the surrogate mother of this adorable kitten. She is a fighter and a very cute one to boot. In mere 24 hours, I've finally understand what it feels like to be a mother; constantly checking up on the baby, feeding the baby every few hours around the clock and even burping the baby after feeding. So, blog posts will be quite limited for about a month as I will be spending most of my time with her (much to the chagrin of my other 2 cats).

I'm going to dedicate this blog post to my beloved grandmother who passed away suddenly yesterday. She is an important person in my life. She taught me how to love, be courageous and be independent. Of course the most important thing she instilled on me was how to be mischievous. Without her, I'd be just like my kitten ... lost, cold and hopeless. I lived with my grandmother for 15 years while my parents are in the US. I had not seen my grandmother since 2002 and it turned out that it would be my last time.

I love you, grandma. Don't be a naughty girl anymore.


Kristen said...

We can only imagine how bittersweet this time must be for you; you are caring for a new life and celebrating a departing life. Alex and I are here if you need us :)
Kristen and Alex

Raymond Vagell said...

Thanks Kristen ... and Alex.

Physician’s Surrogacy said...
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