Thursday, April 15, 2010

Four Stone Hearth #90

The 90th edition of Four Stone Hearth is currently being hosted by Cfeagans on A Hot Cup of Joe. Be sure to check it out! In it, he also share with us his concerns with the dwindling response to participate. Poor chap only got 4 submissions! In his own words:

Unfortunately, participation has waxed and waned a bit over these few years. I only received four submissions and one of these wasn’t, strictly speaking, a post on anthropology. But I’m including it anyway. I’m willing to accept the responsibility for the low turn-out, and here’s why: The Four Stone Hearth blog carnival depends on us, the writers and bloggers to keep it going. The readers will be there. Some of us that host routinely get a thousand or more blog hits a day and have hundreds of unique subscribers (not me… but I’m working on it. some).
We anthro-bloggers need to rally up if we want to keep the Four Stone Hearth going. I propose using the comments section here to brainstorm ideas. Side-bar badges? Advertising? Link-Love? Get PZ Myers to submit?

The next Four Stone Hearth edition will be hosted by Sexy Archaeology on April 28th.

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