Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Kera, the long-tailed macaque

Earlier this week, I was lucky to catch this tweet from Stephen, executive director of Primarily Primate:

@MonkeysAndBirds (cont) Of the 25 macaques, about 10 of them have no names (only lab numbers tattooed across their chest, so we need good monkey names.

I tweeted Stephen and submitted a name. I was lucky that the name was actually picked! Meet #29209. Actually meet Kera. Kera is about 4 years old and judging from the pictures Stephen sent me, it looks like he really likes grapes!

I chose "Kera" because the word kera means monkey in Malay. Me and long-tailed macaques go a long way. Most don't know that it's these macaques that inspired me to be a primatologist when I was just a wee kid. Watching them groom each other peaked my interest in primates.

Anyways, not only did I named him, I actually sponsored him! For a small amount of $10.00 per month, you can sponsor one of these macaques as well. Here's a list of the macaques that now resides at Primarily Primates. Right now, 7 8 out of 25 macaques have been sponsored.

29203  Blondie
28743  Brownie
28764  B.B.
27735  Buzzbee
27756  Theo (Sponsored - Andy Cockrun)
29189  Gabriel
29192  Bojangles (Sponsored - Parker Lewis @FOA_Parker)
29196  Peanut
29212  Tonks (Sponsored - Priscilla Feral)
29177  Peg
29185  Teddy
29191  Don
29211  Shy Guy
29201  Shiva (Sponsored - @VeganinLA)
29202  Neville (Sponsored - Barbara @Gonepie)
29209  Kera (Sponsored - Raymond Ho @PrancingPapio)
29175  Rudy
29198  Lazarou
29199  Blaise (Sponsored)
29173  Edwin
29207  Monchou
29208  Milano
29184  Jupiter
29197  Lee (Sponsored - Lee Hall, @Animal_Law)

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these macaques (and I hope you do!), you can do so at Primarily Primate's website. Stephen told me that you can also email him with any questions at stephentello AT

For more about the macaques and the journey to the sanctuaries, read the article A Journey of 1,700 Miles, From Toxic Tests to Sanctuary

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