Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Ever Malaysian Tarsier Study Begins in Sabah.

Photo from Erwin Bolwidt (El Rabbit) on
At the Danau Girang Field Center, Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, a young male tarsier named Jamil was tagged with a small radio collar as part of the first study to better understand the life of this elusive nocturnal primate species.

Dr. Benoit Goossens, the director of Danau Girang Field Center said there was a need for better understanding of habitat needs, diet and social organisation of tarsiers, key to conservation policies for these unique little creatures.

Read about the article from The Star here: First tarsier study begins.


monkey-luv said...

I think you will find that you will find there have been studies on tarsiers before... please see

Habitat use analysis of Dian's tarsier (Tarsius dianae) in a mixed-species plantation in Sulawesi, Indonesia. (2008)
by Stefan Merker, Indra Yustian

Stefen Merker by the way is also an excellent speaker.

Raymond Vagell said...

Hi Monkey-Luv, thanks for the link. Apologies for my misleading title. I meant to say first ever tarsier study in Malaysia.