Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rehabilitation Not Enough to Solve Orangutan Crisis in Indonesia by Rhett A. Butler

Not much to write about today but I want to share an article by Rhett A. Butler "Rehabilitation Not Enough to Solve Orangutan Crisis in Indonesia" from mongabay.com.

This is a really good article about orangutans in Indonesia and their future in the wild. While orphaned orangutans are brought in to be rehabilitate, there are growing concerns that they are destined to live in captivity for the rest of their life because of the dwindling habitat in Indonesia and Sumatra.

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redapes said...

Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild because of rapid deforestation and the expansion of palm oil plantations. If nothing is done to protect orangutans, they could be extinct in just a few years! Visit the Orangutan Outreach website to learn how YOU can make a difference!

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