Friday, January 14, 2011

Four Stone Hearth: Call for Submission

The Prancing Papio will be hosting the #111 edition of Four Stone Hearth next Wednesday, January 19th.

The Four Stone Hearth is a blog carnival that specializes in Anthropology in the widest (American) sense of that word. Here, Anthropology is the study of humankind, throughout all times and places, focussing primarily on four lines of research:

  • Archaeology
  • Socio-cultural anthropology
  • Bio-physical anthropology
  • Linguistic anthropology

Each one of these subfields is a stone in our hearth. Four Stone Hearth is published bi-weekly, on Wednesdays in odd-number weeks.

If you would like to submit content to the next issue of the carnival, please write to the keeper of the blog in question or to Afarensis (afarensis1 AT sbcglobal DOT net). You are encouraged to submit other bloggers' work as well as your own.

If you would like to host the carnival, please write to Afarensis. Please email me on PrancingPapio AT gmail DOT com for this edition's entries.

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