Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Stone Hearth #111

Welcome back to another edition of Four Stone Hearth here on The Prancing Papio. I have here a compilation of some of the best Anthropology blog posts on the web last fortnight. Let's begin ...

Our first post is from Alun, from Alunsalt, with a very clever word play in his title Archaeologists prove the secret to a successful date is knowing what is on the menu.

Next, we have Guy from Historian on the Edge who wrote an interesting post on  The (Ab)Use of DNA in the Study of Early Medieval Cemeteries

Continuing the DNA theme is a blog post by Michelle from Contagions, who wrote Plague DNA from Late Antique Bavaria.

Krystal from Anthropology in Practice has a blog post that I find very interesting for history buffs, urban archaeologists and fans of old architecture. Her post, In Search of Penn Station, is a guided treasure hunt for the remnant of old Penn Station.

This blog post, Human Tears Are Not Sexy, from Lawn Chair Anthropology has to be one of my favorite. 

Is the Neandertal Nose Adapted to Cold? Read more about it on

On This is Serious Monkey Business, we are introduced to primate Thanatology on the post “Bad-sad-bad” and other responses to death.

Barbara has a post that asks What do Wild Vervet Monkeys Learn by Living near Humans?

Thank you everyone for contributing to this edition of Four Stone Hearth. The next edition of Four Stone Heart still needs a host. Please email Afarensis if you would like to host.

NOTE: Photos are from blogs cited.

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