Friday, November 13, 2009

Name The Female Baby Sumatran Orangutan!

The Philadelphia Zoo's Sumatran orangutans, Tua and Sugi, welcomed their first baby last month. I've blogged about the announcement and press release here at Prancing Papio.

 Tua and her baby. Photo from Philadelphia Zoo.

Now the Philadelphia Zoo is giving you an opportunity to name this female orangutan baby by voting on the names available on the zoo's website. Personally, I'm partial to the name "Batu" because it's cute. Also because both her parent's names are two syllable as well. The baby orangutan debuts with her mother to the public on Thursday, Nov 12th. Click here for more photos of Tua and her baby from 6ABC.

A closeup photo of Tua and her baby. Photo from 6ABC.

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