Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Toes Were Made For Running

Ever wonder why our toes are stubby instead of long and slender like our fingers? Long toes require more energy and generate more shock as compared to short toes, according to biomechanical analysis. Shorter toes are an adaptation favored by natural selection. Australopithecines, our first bipedal ancestor, had longer toes than our genus Homo but smaller than those of great apes.

"When you're walking, before you push off to start the next step, your other foot has already hit the ground. You've transferred some of your body weight. Your toes have to do much more work in running, to push you." (Rolian et. al, 2009)
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Rolian C. Lieberman DE. Hamill J. Scott JW. Werbel W. 2009.
Walking, Running And The Evolution of Short Toes in Humans. Journal of Experimental Biology 212 (5): 713-721.

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