Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Will you be at the Dinosaur Tweetup at American Museum of Natural History?

The Prancing Papio will be at the Dinosaur Tweetup (throw arms up the air ... YAY!) this Thursday at American Museum of Natural History. If you are a reader of this blog and are going to the Tweetup, please let me know so we can meet beforehand or after. I enjoy meeting my readers and getting to know them better. Let me know on Twitter at @PrancingPapio or email me. Also, you can follow the museum at @AMNH

Photo from Threadless Tees.

I've always been fascinated with dinosaurs though I've never thought of spending my life studying them because THAT is reserved for primates. Nonetheless, dinosaurs are cool. It's probably the fact that you may never see them again that allured me to them. The Triceratops is and will always be my favorite dinosaur.