Monday, June 1, 2015


I went home to NYC over the weekend to spend time with my husband and my cats. I was supposed to fly back to Durham, NC on Sunday evening but due to severe thunderstorms, my flight was delayed for a few hours and then eventually canceled. I had to rebook my flight out of NYC on Monday morning from JFK. Due to on going construction, JFK only has one active runway so I spent quite some time on the tarmac waiting to fly out.

Dat line to fly out of JFK doe ...
Due to the delays, I missed my day at Duke Lemur Center today. No training. No data collection. I wanted to go to Duke Lemur Center directly from RDU but I got there around 11 AM and I would be at Duke Lemur Center after noon. Besides, I didn't get a good night sleep so I've decided to just head back to the hotel. I don't want to work with animals when I am tired. You always have to be on your toes and give it your 100% when dealing with animals, not only for your own sake but also for the animals. I don't want to forsake my safety as well as the safety of the animals I work with just because I don't want to miss a day. Learning to let go is a virtue. o[ʘ‿ʘ]o

Whole craisins from Southern Season.
So far, I was only able to find "whole craisins" at Southern Season. So, I went there again today to restock on craisins. What? You mean you don't give your subjects gourmet craisins? I've talked about why I needed this specific type as food reward in my previous post.

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