Thursday, May 7, 2009

Denver Zoo's Aye-Aye Made History

Isn't he cute? A baby aye-aye, born at the Denver Zoo. Photo from Denver Post.

A pair of aye-aye from Denver Zoo made history this year on April 18th by giving birth to a healthy baby boy, the second aye-aye baby to be born in a North American zoo and the first aye-aye to be conceived in North America. The mother, Salem and father, Ozony came to the Denver Zoo last year as part of a breeding program from The Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina. Read the article on Denver Post: Aye-aye at Denver Zoo makes history.

Aye-aye are endemic to Madagascar. Malagasy believes that the aye-aye is a bad omen and a harbinger of death. They believe that seeing an aye-aye means someone will die. The only way to prevent it is to kill any aye-aye in sight. Madagascar had enacted law banning the killing of the aye-aye. They are considered as Near Threatened by the IUCN Red List.

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